Mindfulness Training for Living Well

8 Week Mindfulness for Stress Course

This is a recognised 8 week mindfulness course and is a multi-faceted approach to managing stress and living well. During the weekly sessions we will learn strategies to effectively manage everyday stress as well as develop the inner resources to support a balanced and calmer life.

The course combines experiential mindfulness practices, group dialogue, elements of the latest neuroscience on mindfulness and wellbeing, along with practical ways of cultivating mindfulness in daily life. Regular home practice is a core component of the course and we provide audio recordings and written guidance to support this. We also include a retreat day to deepen our experience and understanding of the practices.

This course is a pre-requisite for those wishing to learn to teach mindfulness to adults or young people.

Course Programme

During the course you will learn a range of mindfulness approaches:

  • Mindful Meditation Practices including: the mindfulness of breathing, kindly awareness practice, the three minute breathing space, mindful eating and walking meditations.

  • Breath Awareness: we use the breath as an aid to managing stress; learning to soften resistance and reduce physical and mental tension.

  • Body Awareness & Relaxation: we become aware of how our body responds to stress and through the body scan meditation, learn how to discover peaceful states.

  • Mindful Movement: we include gentle movements to help keep our body in good physical shape and to learn how to develop mindful awareness as we move. These movements are based on yoga and pilates, are suitable for all and have been specifically devised for Breathworks Mindfulness courses.

  • Mindfulness of Daily Life: bringing mindfulness into our daily lives allows us to notice our habits and patterns. We learn how to respond rather than react to stressful situations which helps us to choose a balanced approach to life.

  • Compassion based Mindfulness Practice: a core element of all of our programmes. Throughout the course we cultivate the positive emotions of compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others. We learn to connect with our experiences in a heartfelt way and open to the things that bring real happiness.

I found the course life-changing! The mindfulness practices have reduced my stress levels, increased my happiness and sense of engaging with and appreciating life. Thank you!
JD Illustrator & Designer.

Details of Our Next 8 Week Course:


Tuesdays 23rd of January - 20th March 2018
Retreat Day: 3rd of March 2018
(Note there is no session on 13th of February.)


6.30pm – 9pm


The Salisbury Centre
2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB


£180/£160 concession
Includes course materials, CDs/Mp3s and full day of mindfulness practice.
Course Payment
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