Mindfulness Training for Living Well

Feedback from course participants.

What do you feel you have gained from the course?

"The ability to be kind to myself, to respond rather than react and taking time to see the beauty in life. Work is not my life." - Academic

“A toolkit of methods, raised personal awareness, sense of being in control. Managing my stress triggers, learning to slow down, noticing nature, being in the moment. Honestly found it all very interesting!” - HR Business Partner

“Being in the moment. Appreciating my life even more and certainly the world I live in. Happiness and calm. Facing challenges rather than avoiding.” - Primary Teacher

“I generally feel happier. I am learning to respond rather than react and let the good things sink in for longer.” - Artist

“I have a new understanding of how to appreciate the present and good things in life as well as calm my mind and cope with anxiety. I feel more resilient and content that I can deal with whatever comes, due to kindness that I now have for myself and others.” - Doctor

“Practical of how to do meditation and to change my life positively. To recognise love. To recognise what is useful to me and what is not.” - PhD Student

“I felt more connected to people around me and far more connected to myself. I learned techniques to help manage stress which have already benefited me and I'm sure will forever more. I have gained a sense of time which I had lost before the course." - Service Leader

“Awareness of negative and self-critical thinking and am finding ways to accept/let go of this. An ability to be more curious, reflective, less reactive – it feels that I have tools to change in positive ways.” - Social Worker & Counsellor

“It's ok to take time for me! Appreciation of all that's good around me/in our world. More peaceful!" - Head Teacher

“Confidence to not let emotions run away from me. Kinder to self and others and generally happier.” - Designer

“Increased self-awareness & tools for coping in stressful situations, as well as actually preparing for stressful situations. Mindfulness of breathing has made a difference for me in my day to day life.” - Education Manager

“Increased awareness - I now stop at times when my thoughts are running away from me or when I feel myself getting worked up and take a few breaths before I act/respond... take pleasure in the little things... treat myself with compassion" - Research Administrator

“In a busy teaching world I have gained many skills over the last 8 weeks on how to take one thing at a time and not become too stressed. Meditation, breathing, kindness etc. all help to become more relaxed and happy.” - Teacher

“Tangible tools to manage my stress, emotions and difficult situations.” - Student

“Insight, awareness. A sense of connectedness and community. A deep pleasure in nurturing myself for the first time ever. A softening and openness." - General Manager

“Much more aware of my thoughts. More able to deal with stressful situations. Feeling calmer and happier.” - Librarian

“Being in a calmer state, being more present in my daily life, improved relationships, new experiences and a new way of looking at things." - Teacher

“A better sense of self, a deeper understanding of my thoughts, emotions and feelings. A sense of being settled and ok with good and bad. A greater understanding of my anxiety - being a lot kinder to myself.” - Early Years Practioner

“A space of time between thinking and reacting. I came out of general interest and have gained much more!” - Art Therapist

“A sense of compassion for myself and others. Great exercises and support in doing those exercises. A greater understanding of mindfulness and suffering.” - Organisation Consultant.

“Being more mindful in daily life, being more relaxed, observing thoughts, being kind to myself and others.” - PhD Student

“I feel I have learnt to look after myself again.” - Teacher

“Acceptance of feeling anxious at this time in my life. Compassion for myself and loving kindness which is proving to be a bit of a revelation!” - Marketing Manager

“I've began to see changes which I think are the start of more changes. Feel much calmer and I think I've began to know myself more. Enjoyed the 'retreat day' and seeking out more nature and trees since.” - Software Engineer

“Sense of well-being from realising that stress can be dealt with positively.” - Teacher

“An understanding of what mindfulness actually is! A much better awareness of my own thoughts and the negative aspects they sometimes bring. I have generally felt much happier and more resilient to life.”

“To accept that things happen. They are not my whole life. They are part of my life. I can choose how to respond.” - Teacher

“Noticed improvement in concentration, less negative ‘stories’ that I tell myself and great dreams!” - Information Manager

“It has helped me to step out of the continuous need to be in control. Taking time to be, more calm, more aware, allowing myself to enjoy. Brought back ‘serendipity’ in my life. All are there more and so much to gain!” - Scientist

“The course has provided me with more understanding, awareness of myself and my environment. A sense that being mindful changes everything in me – my thinking, my actions, my reactions, my pace, my energy.” Massage Practitioner.

“Better understanding of mindfulness and a ‘bank’ of mindful practices to use. Great to take time for myself and be kinder to myself. Awareness of myself and my habits/thinking.” - Teacher

“Permission to give myself breathing space, to stop and be and not judge myself.” - Counsellor.

“Deeper awareness of my need for time and space to stop doing and ‘be’ instead. A variety of mindfulness techniques to use. Friendships with group members and insights from sharing each others thoughts and experiences.” - Nurse

“I feel I’ve acquired a ‘tool box’ of ways I can help myself to be happier, more present, kinder. To be more aware of now. My mind feels calmer, less ‘cluttered’ and relaxed. ” - Teacher.

“A release from the tyranny of self-criticism and self-doubt. I feel calmer than before. The group work has been surprisingly enjoyable. Mindfulness is for me!” - Consultant

“I feel I’ve acquired a ‘tool box’ of ways I can help myself to be happier, more present, kinder. To be more aware of now. My mind feels calmer, less ‘cluttered’ and relaxed. ” - Teacher.

“I feel I’ve gained tools to help myself in stressful situations and dealing with negative emotions.” - University Student

“Less anxiety. Much more aware of importance of self-compassion and enjoying the moment and less concerned/stressed. More able to live in the silence without thinking about things that worry me. Perhaps the most important aspect is that I feel happier! ” - Teacher

“A sense of space between events that I can use to be aware of who I really am.” - Secondary Teacher

“Able to deal with difficult situations and people in a more compassionate and measured way - more aware of my ability to choose how I react rather than get caught up in the situation. A more chilled me!” - Civil Servant

“There is so much power in a group setting - I found it very healing. The main thing I have gained is 'acceptance'.” - Caterer

“I have gained an acceptance of how my mind works and have learned not to panic as much when I feel worried or low. I have also gained a new way of tackling negative thoughts.” - Student

“Developed a lasting sense of contentment, purpose, equanimity and happiness.” - Director

“How to take time out, to put things in perspective.. being ok with things not being perfect or not reacting perfectly and knowing that each day is imperfect progress!” - Teacher

“Hope and optimism. I now feel like I have a possible method of dealing with things I previously felt were out of my control.” - PhD Student

“How to care about myself mentally and physically - not let stuff overwhelm me.” - Student/Explorer

“Realising that I can just 'be' and not always strive for the next goal. I understand much better what causes my stress." - University Professor

“An understanding of the subject and the various aspects that make up mindfulness. The practice within the group was warm and supportive. The CDs really helpful and it feels such a joy to now have such a selection of meditations to choose from.” - Administrator & Counsellor.

“How all encompassing mindfulness is and how beneficial to wellbeing, lifestyle and just being! - Social Worker

“More awareness of the practice, theory and experience of mindfulness. Connection with some wonderful people.” - Secondary School Teacher.

“Practice in the practical aspects of the programme and more self confidence in applying these in my life. A greater understanding of mindfulness and how it can fit with everyday life. A greater awareness of self damaging behaviour/thought patterns.” - Events Organiser

“A way of being more present and thus the world being less of a roller coaster non-stop ride! Soaking up the ‘every day’. To reflect on things important/unimportant.” - University Lecturer.

“Much better at just being with the unpleasant rather than allowing my mind to run away with it and make it worse. Peaceful Mind.” - Pupil Support Assistant.

“I feel like I have just started the mindfulness journey but am already benefiting from being more curious and seeing things afresh. I'm also able to look at my thoughts from a slightly removed position.” - Civil Servant

“How to reduce my daily anxiety and stress.” - Social Worker

“I have found it life changing and am altering how I do my job. Time for me.” - Teacher

“Some space to understand and 'get into' the practice of mindfulness.” - IT Project Manager

“A much better understanding of how my mind works, what my thoughts are and how I have been reacting to them. Being much more present in daily life instead of it passing by with me in my head. Being kinder and more understanding with myself.”

“I've learned that my existing meditation practice need not be such a chore - torture even. I now bring enjoyment and even creativity to my practice!” - Designer

“Reminder of being kind, body awareness and breath awareness.” - Musician.

“An opportunity to take time to just be in the present moment and appreciate all of the positives in my life Ability to take 'time out' and not feel guilty about it!” - Primary School Teacher

“A way to move out of living inside my head to be more aware of the richness of life.” - Employment Advisor

“Understanding not to believe all that I think. Learning how to be compassionate to self.” - Solicitor

“I learnt lots of techniques for relaxing and calming myself in times of stress. I learnt to think about my worries in an entirely different way. - Dentist.

“A chance to embed mindfulness practice in my daily life in a supportive group. Excellent materials written and sound to help me continue the journey.” - Teacher.

“More awareness of how I hold myself to prevent myself from feeling uncomfortable emotions. Learnt to give myself time and slow down to breathe when I need to, even if just for 5 minutes. Beginning to learn to respect and allow space for things I love and like.” - PhD Student.

“An awareness of my thoughts. An intention to respond rather than react and more acceptance of how things are now." - Full Time Mum.

“An invaluable set of tools to practice at home to help live my life the way I’ve always wanted to. ” - Government Analyst

“My 'monkey mind' is definitely quieter and I am much, much less anxious. I feel less overwhelmed by unwelcome thoughts and know I have a choice about how I respond."

“I've incorporated mindfulness in nearly all areas of my life and I really think the course has changed the way I approach tasks and get on throughout the day.” - Student.

“Tools to help me cope better with stress and with the constant chatter in my mind” - Solicitor

“The ability to take some time for myself and will continue with this.” - Teacher.

“Practical techniques, lots of practice, understanding of mindfulness” - University Professor

“Calmer, more thoughtful and less likely to get angry/stressed out in situations.” - Teacher.

“An understanding of how mindfulness can be of benefit, how easy it is to practice and the ability to keep on practicing for both personal benefit and for those I live and work with.” - Teacher

“New insights and beginning new habits to improve self-awareness. Very helpful. - CEO.

“I have gained more quality time in my life. I notice more, both within myself and around me." - Group Support Worker

“Beginning to learn skills where I can relax and that I can relax. This is what I came onto the course to do and I feel that the course has met that need.” - Counsellor.

“Real insight into the capacity of my heart!” - Arts Manager

“Tools and guidance on how to deal better with stress, anxiety and life in general!” - Teacher

“An understanding of how stress affects the body and mind.” - Midwife

“Deepening of practice, wealth of new perspectives and experiences. Peacefulness, connectedness and joy!” - Academic Developer

“A really good foundation for practice. Inspiration and motivation to continue and develop." - Primary School Teacher

“I have been reminded of the benefits of noticing my experience moment by moment. I feel more accepting of some of the things that I find difficult about myself” - Counsellor

"Tools and permission to stop, have time out, recharge, reconnect." - Art Teacher

“The practices to take into the future to become of lasting benefit to myself. A sense of realisation or 'mindfulness' of behaviours I previously wouldn't have noticed.” - Student.

"I am reminded that I am human. I am worth it and it is ok to take time out. The feeling of being present and the ability to practice being present will help me on an ongoing basis.” - Support Worker.

“I have learned how to practise mindfulness which in turn has enabled me to become more centred and grounded and perhaps more resilient in stressful times.” - Primary School Teacher

"I have gained significant insight on how to deal with stressful situations and have realised how practice can help. It has also made me realise the importance of being kind to myself!" - Teacher

“How to relax, how to use breathing to combat anxiousness and how to enjoy the simple things.” - Training Project Manager

“Better sense of being in the moment, better focus on senses.” - CEO

“Being more aware generally of my mind and how it works, what its triggers are and introducing more awareness of choices.” - Teacher

“Varied methods for reaching positive states of mind and peacefulness. Discipline in making time for this in my life.” - Primary Teacher

“Much more aware of my thoughts/patterns that are not helpful. I feel like if I keep the practice it will help reduce my stress - I have already noticed that it has.” - Development Worker

“Confidence in ability to detach from negativity, more open heart, more awareness of what is going on within and outside of me.” - Student

“A healthier and happier way to live life! To notice and optimise life experiences.”

“A more relaxed outlook on life. The ability to stop and take note of my feelings and how body reacts to these. To use my breath to help overcome anxious moments. Most importantly to be kind to both self and others.”
- Primary Teacher

“Sharing experiences with others, prioritising wellbeing, the techniques for concentrating on body and breathing.” - Nurse

“By taking time for me I can get peace and reduce stress levels. Awareness of how negative thoughts can spiral out of control.” - Office Co-Ordinator

“Compassion and kindness to myself and towards others. Permission to give myself time outs without feeling guilty. It has allowed me to take ownership of me.” - Home Maker.

“The ability to feel in control of my life again. I am no longer the passenger on the bus, but I am starting to drive it. ” - Podiatrist

“The importance of connecting with others and being kind to myself.” - Student.

“I feel more aware of what is going on around me and feel better at living in the moment and the ability to let go of negative thoughts more readily.” - Teacher.

“Knowledge of self, tools for self-management. Great materials - high quality.” - Manager of Youth Work Charity.

“It has shown me the impact of mindfulness in my life. It has given me a deeper understanding of the tools I have within me to deal with challenges and also to grow.” - Teacher.

“It has helped me to recognise what I am thinking and given me strategies to help me deal with my thoughts. The breathing space has been useful to help calm me down when I am feeling stressed, and thinking about what I am presently doing helps to lessen my rumination.” - Teacher

“I learnt to be in the moment and be kinder to myself.” - Matron.

“Mindfulness has helped me change - to set a new course - a new wayward point” - Change Manager

“A new brighter perspective in daily life. Reconnection with part of me that I had lost.” - Complementary Therapist.

“I feel I deal with situations more mindfully and I ruminate less.” - Teacher

“A less reactive mind. More peace, less stress over unnecessary things. ” - Student

“A reminder to stay present, to notice more and be less on autopilot! To also carve more time out for myself in daily life.” - Clinical Psychologist

“A way to cope with difficult situations in a more productive way. Not overwhelmed by emotions as much. Have began to build better relationships with friends.” - Student.

“Made me much more aware of the need to look after myself. Also know better how to do that” - Teacher

“Awareness.” - Team Leader.

“I feel I have learnt to look after myself again.” - Teacher

“Breathing focus, awareness, response time and choice, room to relax and be kind.” - Student.

“On a personal level, time and space to develop these skills for life.” - Teacher

“The theory of why we get stressed is really useful to me. I have taken away meditations that I feel will be of use to me going forward.” - Civil Servant.

General Comments:

“Thank you for a wonderful, beautifully presented course.”

“Being part of the group was a very rewarding experience.”

“Very good. I enjoyed and learned in every session. I loved the full day and hope I remember the ‘aha’ moments and aspects that were so useful for enjoying life!”

“Elaine is a wonderful teacher – she helps us understand complex things clearly, she demonstrates kindness and compassion in her actions. Very reassuring as we embark on these new techniques and ways of thinking.”

“The course has changed by life.”

“Great mix of practical and theory. Quality material. Layers of learning e.g. email, poems, websites etc. Elaine is brilliant! Very calm and measured. Thank you!”

“Elaine was excellent – an example of mindfulness in action.”

“Really have found it life changing. I had a permanent (almost) knot in my stomach - now, although I still sometimes feel anxious, I feel much more content and peaceful.”

“Superb! Elaine is lovely, gentle, approachable as well as extremely knowledgeable. Would love to bottle her and take her home!!”

“The course has been excellent for me and I would recommend it to others”.

“Often people can be disconnected from others and this course has made me feel connected due to the practice and sense of collective problems we have all tried to overcome. Elaine has a lovely mp3 voice – she is a great trainer who is well suited to the role. Thank you so much.”

“I particularly enjoyed the poems, which were shared on course and in emails. I felt supported even when not attending the class.”

“Elaine created a very friendly, humorous, supportive and warm environment. I would totally recommend her as a trainer.”

“Looked forward to the session every week. Very pleasant experience.”

Thank you so much. As a teacher, it is really clear to me how much thought and preparation has gone into this course, both practically and emotionally. Your kindness, understanding and also thought provoking guidance has been such an example to me. So many things have 'clicked' into place and I really hope I can carry on. You are very inspirational. ”

“Elaine has been an excellent tutor for me, very warm and receptive, but also teaching complex material in a way which gave me good insight."

“Great course – lovely group. Opened up more and more as the weeks went by – everyone working and sharing practices and discussing openly. Great leader – sincere, clear and warm."

“The course is very thoughtfully and creatively put together; a wonderful mix of elements that combine to provide a really meaningful learning experience. It is very reasonably priced and overall tremendous value. Elaine is an immensely skilled, warm and fun facilitator - an extra bit of magic that pulls it all together.”

“Each session I have always left feeling I had gained knowledge, appreciated the kind, gentle manner in which it was imparted to us. Thank you!”

“Elaine really made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She explained some (at times difficult) concepts very well. Thank you!”

“Excellent course – thank you!”

“Elaine has a lovely voice and way of being - modelling mindfulness beautifully!”

“I loved meeting other like minded people, discussing problems and sharing experiences.”

A superb trainer and facilitator. I've been hugely impressed by how smoothly and seamlessly the course has been run. The timings were spot on, the amount of information each week was perfect but above all, the positive, gentle encouragement and support has made a huge difference.”

“Elaine has a lovely way of explaining the course and creating discussion to enable us to share our experiences and realise we are not alone in our ‘suffering’.”

Trainers have been superb!”

“Thank you so much for leading and guiding me through the course and making me feel so relaxed and part of the group.”

Elaine has a natural manner that lends itself perfectly to the course and encourages the group to share experiences, explore the practice and develop their own way through the journey in a supported and safe manner.”

“Thanks for bringing a positive thing into my life!”

“Elaine is an excellent communicator, able to express her thoughts clearly and in a very positive way. And she is a great fun too!”

“The course booklet and cds are fab resources. Seeing this as the start. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable course. You have led it so well. It was engaging, informative and life-changing in so many ways.”

“Elaine has been super. Very encouraging and thoughtful. A well organised course.”

“I thought Elaine was an excellent trainer - so welcoming and encouraging and creating a 'safe' environment to learn in. I would recommend this course to anyone!”

“Very good trainer - a naturally calm person who helped. Seems to 'practice what she preaches' without being overbearing or taking everything too seriously. Has a nice voice to listen to for meditations - very important!”

“A really enjoyable and enlightening course, thanks Elaine!”

“Very good - extremely supportive. Perfect trainer and lovely, soothing voice. Very informed, experienced and enthusiastic.”

“Jan and Elaine are exceptionally knowledgeable and brilliant! ”

“Elaine was attuned to all participants’ needs. Her delivery style has been motivational, kind and fun.”

“Really well balanced course - with practices, sharing ideas and discussions. It was excellent.”

“The course for me is great. Well delivered, comfortable environment, very easy to follow, very easy to feel at ease and be involved.”

“Elaine is a great, knowledgeable course leader with amazing ability to explain content of the course in a very understanding way.”

“Great teacher. She seems to really live herself what she is teaching rather than just passing on theories.”

“Elaine is warm, supportive, encouraging and down to earth - a very good trainer and lovely at the same time. Well done that woman! Also much appreciation to Nicola too for her facilitation, warmth and sense of fun.”

“Really found Elaine approachable and kind and a good listener. She was structured in the course which helped me to learn step by step.”

“Enjoyed the pace of the course and the variety of learning techniques which were reinforced with handouts, weekly emails and exercises. Elaine holds the group beautifully.”

“Elaine's approach is great. Supportive, encouraging and calm - with an ideal amount of humour thrown in.”

“Elaine and Jan were fab - they made the course so accessible and thought provoking and interesting and fun!”

“You have both been lovely - understanding, welcoming, kind, engaging and have a passion for what you do. Thank you.”

“I love your style and the fact that you believe in what you're doing so much.”

“Elaine's preparation and presence creates an atmosphere of openness and trust that exemplifies, and facilitates learning of, the substance of the course. Most excellent.”

“Every aspect has been delivered with expert clarity, organised down to the finest detail. Exceptional.”

“I found practices easier in class because of Elaine's soothing presence. Have enjoyed the feeling of companionship and made some friends on the course which has been nice.”

“Loved the retreat day. Elaine was so open and friendly which made starting something new less daunting.”

Elaine is lovely and friendly and the whole course follows this. The tea breaks and discussions help us all help each other.

“Elaine is a clear communicator and has a relaxed style in her approach, which in turn creates a safe environment in which to explore ideas and share our experiences, knowledge and wisdom.”

“Excellent! Thanks..”

“Elaine was really kind and warm and the course was delivered in a very professional yet open and inviting manner. It was nice to share my thoughts and experiences with other people and learn from each other.”

“Absolutely brilliant! I always felt welcomed, accepted and Elaine created a very relaxed environment.”

“Thank you Elaine for embodying what you have taught us and helped us to learn. I have gained lots and already feel better at coping with all that life demands and offers.

“Really loved the course. Learned a lot.”

“Very kind and friendly, uplifting course!"

“Excellent trainers - very engaging. Captured by attention even at the end of the day on a Thursday.”

“Trainers are lovely and helpful. I find them to be soothing in who they are.”

“I came to the course without expectations but I feel I’ve got the world treasure map with a few precious gems already in my hands. The way the course is structured and lead is very successful and effective. I’ve enjoyed it very much. Thank you Elaine.”

“As a complete beginner it was the perfect combination of knowledge and practice at a pace I could cope with. Thank you."

“Very friendly, knowledgeable and non-threatening. Great Facilitator! Thanks!”

“Fantastic! I plan to continue and see more positive things in my life. Elaine has such a super calming voice and a clear way of explaining the supporting information."

“I have really enjoyed taking time to think differently. I really feel this is just the beginning of a journey but one I am excited to undertake no matter where it takes me and if the weather is not so favourable! Thank you very much for all your kindness and guidance.”

“Elaine was a wonderfully warm course leader. Unpretentious and very clear about intentions and facilitating the group to trust and share."

“This was a very welcoming and enjoyable course, led by a very knowledgeable and personable facilitator - thanks!”

“It was very delicately done!"

“Elaine is a fantastic trainer and delivers the course very well. She is kind, caring and very easy to work with. She has a way of helping you look at life with a lot of curiosity. ”

“Great facilitator, perfect pace of delivery and soothing voice and presence.”

“Elaine has been fantastic. She has struck a really nice balance in terms of giving information whilst also supporting us to find our own route to our own practice.”


“A wonderful course - thank you!”

“A wonderful teacher. Elaine is very gentle in her teachings and patient with us and our inputs.”

“Really easy to trust which is very important in this kind of group environment. Thank you.”

“Really enjoyed it - thank you so much!"

“Elaine has been amazing! She has really helped me open up my mind to the possibility of slowing down and just being! Looking forward to continuing the journey. ”

“Elaine is a fantastic teacher and facilitator. She creates a relaxed and engaging environment, is non-judgemental in her approach and embodies mindfulness in a way that is inspirational.”

“Excellent engagement and pace of delivery and made the room secure and fun to learn new and sometimes difficult things.”

“I really like the way you use humour and think your handouts are excellent!"

“Course overall well exceeded expectations! Could have done another 8 weeks no problem.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course."

“A superb trainer - enjoyable and instructive.”

“Elaine embodies kindness, gentleness and calmness. Her presence is very helpful. “

“Elaine taught with kindness and gentleness.”

“Elaine delivers this course perfectly. She holds and support the group ensuring everyone feels valued and safe. Thank you."

“Very practical and logical, thank you! Very organised, well prepared and thoughtful.”

“Elaine is fantastic - very welcoming, friendly and helpful. She is a very calming influence and is obviously extremely knowledgable about her subject.”

“You’ve taught the course with just the right balance of humour, good sense, information, seriousness and playfulness. Thank you very much for an invaluable experience.”

“Absolutely inspirational, thank you so much!"

“Thank you for your kindness and support and for showing me a different way."

“Elaine has been super as a trainer - thoughtful, well-prepared, insightful and encouraging. Her voice on the meditation practices is very soothing."

“Elaine is fantastic at making you feel at ease."

“Very well adapted to the group. Always look forward to the sessions and will miss them!”

“Excellent - both the course and the trainer. Honest, encouraging and realistic."

“Elaine is a very good teacher and made the group experience great. Loved how the course was structured. Loved the poetry - helped to embed the learning.”

“All materials were excellent. Very supportive trainer - allowing everyone to feel comfortable and to readily participate.“

“Excellent. I really enjoyed the sessions.”

“Very kind and non-judgemental. Fantastic sense of humour and ability to explain concepts with ease.”

“As in the intro course, I love the overall design and creative variety of individual elements and how they are thoughtfully drawn together. Superb facilitation - warm, well organised, lovely humour and gently challenging in terms of pushing us to inquire further into our experiences.”

“Elaine was a gentle, sensitive, strong guide on this journey together. I feel incredible grateful to have taken this course. It helped me immensley.“

“Brilliant - really receptive to what the group had to say and built on it. Great course content - practical and informative!“

“It was a lovely, relaxed, open and sharing environment. Thanks to the trainers who were so calm and patient and such good listeners. And above all welcoming and positive.“

“Elaine and Jan were absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgable, engaging, kind and supportive."

“Overall great experience!“

“Thank you for being so immensely thoughtful. You made me feel special and treated and nourished.”

“Heartfelt thanks for the experience, it has been a real privilege to be able to participate.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course, one of the most valuable I have been on. ”

“A wonderful teacher and guide in this journey. Thank You.”

“Really well run and organised. Elaine and Jan exuded loving kindness. ”

“Elaine was a really skilled facilitator which really helped. Great mixture of warmth, humour and knowledge. ”

“The course has been very helpful, more so than I thought it would be when I signed up to it. Elaine has been a great trainer. She has always created a calm and accepting atmosphere that you can look forward to attending.”

“Elaine created a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone felt a sense of belonging.”

“A fantastic facilitator of the course in so many ways.”

“Warm, caring wonderful voice. Very safe environment is created.”

“Very well organised, structured, original and very interesting.”

“Lovely warm style of delivery while training. Engaging and interesting anecdotes to support texts. Enjoyed especially the soothing quality of voice during meditation practices.”

“Great tea, great biscuits, great group of people. Elaine is amazing and I will really miss the class.”

“Elaine has made it easy to relax and has made the course a comfortable place to be.”

“Very kind and informative trainer - Elaine explained each session with patience and humour. Thank You.”

“Elaine was very knowledgeable and approachable. A great leader for this course and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Loved the practical activities that helped things to ‘stick’. Thank you for your warmth and kindness.”

“I thought the level of training was excellent. You have a really natural way of making people feel comfortable. The mix of discussions, meditations and theory are pretty balanced.”

“Excellent teacher, clear delivery, made sense of a very complex subject.”

“I have been impressed with the content of the course, how it was presented and explained and how unjudgemental the trainers have been - and how kind.”

“Elaine and Jan were both amazing - reflective, peaceful, never intrusive.”

“Very friendly, approachable and helpful trainers who made each session fun and engaging.”

“Clear and accepting and encouraging.”

“Fantastic! Elaine has a very relaxed and open manner. Very soothing.”

“Elaine has a lovely guided meditation voice! The meetings always have a kind, non-judgemental atmosphere which is really special.”

“A well structured and meaningful course, led by kind, gracious and lovely trainers who made complex concepts approachable and enjoyable.“

“Both trainers were fantastic, knowledgable, kind, approachable, non-judgemental, soothing!”

“Thank you, what a lovely teacher. I've really enjoyed this journey."