Mindfulness Training for Living Well

Current Research on Mindfulness

Over the last decade there has been an incredible amount of documented research into the effectiveness of mindfulness based approaches in improving physical and mental health. Mindfulness practices have been shown to decrease stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and have proven effective in managing chronic pain.

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The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA) is an excellent source of information for all the latest research on the scientific study of mindfulness. Here you will find details of mindfulness research publications, interventions and measurement as well as access to the Mindfulness Research Monthly.
The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University provides details of current mindfulness-based research, teacher training and regular conferences in the UK. Further details of current research into mindfulness based approaches can also be found at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and the University of Exeter.

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Recommended Reading - Kindness and Compassion

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